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Mobile shopping is one of the rising uses which people do with their smartphones in the last years. This behaviour shows the importance of focus your business to mobile.

Growth in time spent on shopping activities


Time spent on shopping activities


Fuente: Flurry


Retailers app’s : Victoria’s Secret, Walmart, Macy’s, Target,..

Price comparison: RedLaser, Google Shopper…

Purchase assistant: ShopAdvisor, ShopSavvy…

Online  marketplace: Ebay, Amazon…

Daily deals: Groupon, LivingSocial…


That growth in the last year leaves the sharing of this shopping time spent at the end of 2012 as follows:


Captura de pantalla 2013-07-16 a la(s) 12.51.20

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Almost everyone around the world is now using mobile phones for daily use. This promotes many things such as enabling websites to be used on these mobile devices. Everyone is starting to create more mobile websites because people are now depending on their cell phones rather than their computer.But how do you create these mobile websites?

What is Content Management System?


The answer is very simple. People use content management system to create these websites that could be used on cell phones. So what is this content management system?

It is a program on computers that enables publishing, editing, and changing content. It used to create websites online and helps people in many ways. Content management system has been used and available to the general public since the 1990s. This basically means that this is not a new invention. However, the new part is using this existing program to create websites.

In the olden days, people used this system to create websites that had blogs, news and shopping. Eventually, businesses started to use this system to create online selling websites. The reason for this is because as smart phones become more popular and everyone begins to give preference to the sophisticated versions of mobile phones, mobile websites also become popular.

To create these mobile websites, people like to use content management system because of the features and also because many people already know how to use it. Since it has been around for quite a while, multiple people are familiar with the concept. This is why most people don’t find it difficult to use the system to create websites on mobile devices.






Content management system is known by everyone these days. Since everyone knows how to use this system this makes it easier for people to use that same program and make it suitable to use for mobile websites.


So what are the features that make this system very likeable?


One feature of this system is that it is very easy to use. Anyone could use this system because no technical knowledge is required. You can easily update your website and add more data. You could also add more text, blog posts, videos, photos and any other content.

Another feature of the content management system is that everything that is supposedly complex is built in so that you don’t have to worry about it. This will save you a lot of money because the system offers you a lot features that are already built so you don’t have to build it from scratch. These functions include allowing you to make your website into a mobile website.

The third feature of this system is that SEO optimization is built right in. You won’t have to worry about getting the right rankings on search engines and will not have to hire someone to do the work for you because you will be provided with it. Some content management systems also allow you to integrate social media into your website which consequently will increase your SEO performance.

A fourth feature of content management service is there is a lot of flexibility with the design. You could easily customize your website so that it suits your needs and attracts your target audience. The good thing about this system is that it comes with all the functions but it is still customizable. You could also make your website easy to be navigated.

Another feature of this system is that you could easily monitor your performance. Since you will be the owner of your website, you will have access to see your websites traffic and also see where the visitors were referred from. You will be able to see if they came from search engines or social platforms.

This is an awesome way to see your popularity and track it. You will be able to tell what your visitors like so that you could specifically design your website. You will be provided with statistics on how many page views you have, how much time you spend on your website, and where your visitors are located. With all this information, you will be able to tell what your target audience is and should be.

A content management system is very helpful for everyone even if they are creating mobile sites or computer sites. You will find that this is the best solution for most people who want to have websites for their businesses.




The best benefit is that it saves you a lot of money. Since you can easily and efficiently do it yourself at home, there is no need to hire some website expert to do anything for you. There are no additional charges like you would have when having a web developer do the work for you.


How to create mobile websites?


So how do you create mobile websites with the already existing content management system? The truth is that you don’t. The old companies that offered this system had it designed only for computer usage. But since everyone is starting to realize that cell phones are more commonly used these days, there has been an increase in the amount of companies offering the same system with a little alteration.

Basically, companies are designing this content management system so that it could be used on mobile websites. You could use the system used on computer websites for your mobile website but it is more efficient if you use a system made specifically for it.

All you have to do is find a good company that is made for mobile websites and then put it to good use. Since the primary feature of the content management system is that it is easy to use, so using a slightly changed version will not be difficult. If anything, it will be easy to use since most people are already familiar with the system.




A content management system is great for people who want to create their own website. It is affordable and easy to use which means almost everyone could use it as long as they know how to type. Since many companies have already created a content management system made specifically for mobile websites, it will be even easier for you to make yours today.

So if you are looking to build your own website, just head on over to any content management system company that is made specifically for mobiles and start today. You will be glad you did, eMobc invite you to visit our new project to create awesome mobile sites and engage your customers:


logo mobsyte

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file000714007642   Today’s time technology is running through each and every possible door and everyone is keenly involved spending their time on internet and exploring variety of other gadgets. As the technology grows access to desired products become easier as we see today we have everything available online just a click away from us. Such flexibility and compatible access to variety of services and products ensures growth in business and also expands the zone from local to global. Here we are talking about auto mechanics and garage service provider which is a service most often called for.


One of the American surveys depicts that more and more people are involving in internet access through mobile everyday people are switching their preferences to mobiles than other internet sources. Garage repair service is something which can be required at any point of time by anyone at any possible place the point is, are the services so prompt to serve such needs?


The answer is yes but not executed by all which is because with pacing rivalry ground business stores and online website portals are not just the way you can endorse the extensive limits of your business having mobile website is rapidly growing field for garage repair business owners for having expanded access for mobile users that are increasing every day.

Money in hand

Let’s have a glance over some of the key benefits for garage repair service providers to launch their business online on mobile:


Flexibility for user: No matter where a car owner needs a repair service not possibly every location have PC or laptop set up in this situation what all the car owner needs to is access auto mechanics website on mobile and without any hassles book repair and related services.


Language Support: Having your repair service website on mobile also h

ave a feature to display multi lingual support that ensures no matter what language user speaks he gets the complain and reservation enrolled through simple to access portal.


Increase Business Value: Businesses have a lot to do with the approach adopting a right approach helps in enriching fruitful results. For businesses to go online on mobile expands the zone of target market and enable more and more people to know your business with amazing mobile portals. Also it is a great way for mouth to mouth publicity the finest marketing tool that never fails comes as an added benefit with mobile websites.


Go Social: Now this something increasing like an antivirus available with every user that is access to social media. Mobile website allows the business owner of garage and repair shops to connect their business portal with leading social media websites and have extended user approach. You can easily link your mobile website and create external links to other profiles for marketing on higher platform.


Approach to masses in lesser time: The best part of mobile websites comes as dealing with ample of users and delivering them timely the changes in prices, reservation cost and available discounts. A mobile website owner is facilitated with features like generating mobile coupon, invoice, price list, creating folders for various products and services and detailing them, etc. Also the CMS for mobile that is Content Management System ensure that your website on mobile remains fresh and lucrative for user.


Cost savvy: All Auto Mechanics business owners like garage repair and services owners having a mobile garage business is definitely a time cost savvy deal. Once you are in you do not have to spend added marketing cost or pay for any particular announcement with over the top bills for endorsement. All you need to do is update the coupon, offer, discount, etc on mobile website and link it to social media.


These days’ people access social media through their mobile and having such ease for user will make you in their list of reliable and compatible service providers with smart technology approach. Competition is cut throat in market and for maintaining your business rep with user apart from quality and experience what matters is the ease you provide to the user.


The higher compatibility you offer user gets more attracted towards your business once you start delivering better approach and extensive service support platforms the users agrees and rely on your assistance more. More the reliability increases the business turnover and this is absolutely what we all work for. So get your garage repair website on mobile and relish the freedom of user approach and smooth business expansion with time and cost savvy benefits.



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Digital photography is among the careers today which are becoming popular. Not only that it’s easy to start this profession, it is also a fun way to earn. Most photographers love to travel. They capture different scenic views and wonderful events then create a portfolio out of it. For photographers who wanted to market their business effectively, using mobile websites is the best option. There are now a lot of great mobile website templates online which could satisfy the unique needs of your photography business. Below are some reasons why using mobile websites is best for photographers like you.


Show Portfolio

A portfolio is the best way to show what you are as a photographer. It will showcase what you can do and what you could offer to clients. If planning promote your photography business, it is important to have a wonderful portfolio. However, even a nicely made portfolio would be useless it is does not load properly on mobile phones.

Good Website Experience of Visitors

Keep in mind that majority of internet users today access the internet using their mobile phones. With this, a mobile website is the best choice for photographers aiming for good user experience when viewing their portfolio.

Sell Photos

With a mobile website, integration of e-commerce is also possible. With, this you could sell photos. There are a lot of people today who seek for a unique photo to be used in their websites. This is a great market and a good chance for you to earn. It is very important that you choose a mobile website developer that offers templates with e-commerce option that could offer their support anytime you need help.                       With the e-commerce feature of your mobile website, you now have more chances of earning. Also, the way photos are sold on a mobile website is fast, easy and convenient for visitors.

Communication is Very Easy

Since mobile websites are made to be simpler, people could easily contact you. It provides an easy medium where clients could call you. With just one click, they could easily get in touch with you, thus increasing your chance to have a long-term client. People today who seek for photography services usually consider those sites where communication comes with ease and fast.

Easily Find Customers from Contacts

Mobile websites are designed in order to make sure that communication from clients is made easy. This is better compared to the usual websites for desktops where finding contact information takes time as well as getting in touch with the owner of the site. In a mobile website since communication could be done by phone, you could answer any client queries instantly. When you have something to offer to clients, finding them on your contacts is quite easily as well.

Lower Cost

Mobile websites are simpler which also means that you don’t have to face high cost for its developmen

t. Just make sure you choose the right developers to ensure using high quality mobile websites while enjoying its low cost. If planning to include some articles in the mobile website, doing so would only require a couple of articles which means you only need to pay less for the content.

Consider all the benefits mentioned above when deciding to create a website for your photography business. It’s best to utilize the popularity of mobile devices today to ensure that more people gets to know your business and find out that you are a good photographer just by simply viewing your work. Make sure the right company provides your needed mobile website templates.file000972025174

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responsive design

With highly tech-developed world, numerous free mobile website builders are emerging with highly competitive looks and features. Don’t worry, we are going to tackle and talk over a few free mobile website builders.

Google Inc. has launched a new website building tools that enables the users to use it for free the Google sites to mainly build mobile websites. This version compared to its old version enables the users to create great pages even without much knowledge on HTML. Users can freely choose and use materials for the pages they want to create according to their need. Moreover, this new version allows integration to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and to other social accounts.

In the internet industry, many accounts to building businesses online and are rushing to build their own business websites and pages. This Google version suits this need. In addition, users can manipulate and can totally customize it with template options and can definitely add necessary information and other important contents online. Creating free mobile websites in just minute has never been this quick and easy.


You can start over here, in eMobc. You can build a new mobile site in a hassle-free way. You can freely choose from among the high quality design themes and templates that suit your choice and needs. More so, you can enhance your user’s experience in browsing and opt you to ways in monitoring the website visits through its integrated statistic system.

You don’t have to be a programming expert to create your mobile website. You can create your website in minutes, add even more features, e-commerce or forms, plus, add as many pages you want. Publish your own mobile website in just 5 minutes.

Wapple Mobile Web Site Builder

You can’t go wrong with Wapple Mobile Web Site Builder. It allows the user to create, build, design and proudly publish a classy mobile website.

Inside the said mobile website builder are widgets that enable the user to quickly build a great mobile website. It has also a location based service that allows customization that mainly based on client’s location. It also integrates Google maps and bing. In terms of stats and reporting, it does ensure that your website really works for you with the aid of web analysis, campaign reporting and device data. It does site promotion as well; it promotes your site by using your own domain and generating campaign trackers. It also widely produces tags for your website. In addition to site promotion, it can help advertising your site by linking your URL to QR code, SMS or ad-network. It has also an ad publisher and customer interaction- forms, forums, polls, competitions and even enables click to call

eMobc Lander


For someone who needs to launch things, eMobc Lander is just right for you. It is another platform that totally offers a quick and easy way to create mobile websites. This is a launching mobile websites for all; starting up, companies and definitely for everyone who needs to launch things.

It widely offers varied ways to create either a simple or a complete website. For simple mobile websites, you must start up by signing up and it automatically helps you with your business by collecting emails of your possible customers. In this manner, making business is made easier. For the complete mobile websites, the eMobc Lander makes it easy and quick for you to the web designing, developing and all other IT jobs. Create websites in as quick and easy as one, two, and three!

With the simple steps it offers, in just 3 minutes, create and publish your own websites. Just navigate, mainly drag the screens you need; a map, a contact form, product image gallery, contest, forums and more. Then create the content; fill in the necessary contents, in the example given product images, event schedules and the like. Customize the desired design; set the fonts, lines, blanks, layouts and backgrounds. Preview then publish and later measure the content, visitors and re-modify it to show updated site look. In as quick as 3 minutes, you can have the website you are dreaming on!

These mobile website builders offer free creation of websites that can be adapted and optimized on all mobile types of devices, smartphones, and tablets. Also offers high resolution to any devices and definitely can be viewed on almost all devices. In terms of pricing, they offer a free version which is ideal for personal pages and for projects. They also offer a professional version with a low rate or even a minimum for every website created. Pay for a greater good and get access on premium offers and exclusive supports and special offers as well. So better pick your choice and try them now.

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Many cities are so called smart cities, have greater internet and mobile access than other cities in the surrounding areas. You can enhance a city with smart access and a mobile website and allow citizens and tourists to have greater access to public or private venues. These are the things that you can find when you choose to visit a so called smart city. It is not simply the ability to be web connected that makes a smart city, but also the individuals QR codes Quick ResponseCodes (the squarish codes that can be read by smartphones) to enable them find information easily and make the city services and businesses web connected, One of the things that is done in a smart city is to put QR codes around the city for easy ways to access services in the city and make them user friendly., Having QR codes and the way to easily access important points in the city are one way to make sure that the city has ease of transit (from bus and metro stations being marked) and ways to acknowledge important businesses or hot spots in the city. The use of a mobile web address and QR codes can help not only visitors to the city but residents. These codes are often posted on patrol cars, fire services,and animal vehicles for quick response. These codes are often installed on items like public service cards, and the like for easy use for residents and visitors alike.

What is a smart city?



A smart city is one that allows individuals greater access to the city, the infrastructure and the types of things that allow the individuals to find what they need in terms of making the city accessible., A so called smart city is connected by so called smart infrastructure. It is intelligently designed and will allow new insights to users who want to move around the city easily. Mobile access in smart cities allows citizens and visitors to easily gather information about how to move around the city effortlessly. It improves the efficiency of city operations and enhances security as well as full economic operations. Another thing that smart cities can do is to enhance mobile access and enhance fuel and economic activity. It may also increase resistance to natural disasters. Mobile technologies are at the core of smart city initiatives. There are a number of smart city initiative that are going on to allow users to access a great deal of data for both the city, and ways to access various parts of the city. Smart cities index is evaluated the use of mobile technology to better equip cities with allowing greater access to both transportation and technology that allow individuals city navigation in the easiest way possible.Smart cities are springing up all over, both as prototypes and as models to allow individuals to explore and benefit from the technological aspects.Business can benefit from the use of smart cities because they can be easily located with mobile devices. Many individuals may find that they can locate services quickly.

In Dallas recently, tourists were encouraged to explore the city by going on scavenger hunts for QR codes. There were encouraged to explore different locations in the city and were given access to bits of trivia around the city as well as the location for some prime tourist venues around the city. Many people will be given an easy way to explore the city when they use QR codes as an incentive to further investigate a city they already have an interest in.
Smart city councils are springing up all over the country especially in cities like Seattle and others that are technologically wired. These cities have the motto sustainability, livability, workability. These cities make smart cities and being able to find to find many things you can use. There are so many things that can come under the rubric of smart cities. It is a growing movement that benefits not only tourists, but a visitor to the community at large.
These are amazing ways for individuals to benefit the technology that smart cities may have to offer the individual and the tourist. Smart city councils also allow individual citizens easy access to information and allow individuals to easily communicate with the power grid or water authority in the city. Conventional living puts a large strain on resources, and smart technology is something that can make a difference. Look for smart cities to increase and become not only an easy way for individuals to communicate not only with businesses, but with each other. Smart cities are one of the things that you can find and take advantage of if a resident or tourist in a city, for benefits of citizens and tourists smart cities may become the wave of the future.

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Let’s face it, file0001041309589
most of the population use their phone for just about everything nowadays, whether it’s Fac
ebooking, Tweeting, or sending e-mails. What they also do is Google restaurants. They go to the website on their phone, get the information they need and decide on where they want to go based on that. Trust me, I do it all the time!

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are a great way to get your restaurant out there, but people want easy information. They want to know what’s on the menu, if there are any specials or if the restaurant is closed. A mobile website could easily hold all of this information in one small, easy to navigate place.

Why You Should Create a Mobile Website

There are many reasons to create a mobile website for your restaurant. No matter if it’s a chain restaurant or a local one, there’s still room for a way to get your restaurant on people’s radars. A normal website is good for people who have the time to sit down at their computer or laptop and look your restaurant up. But for most people, they’re on the go and need a quick trip to a website on their phone to give them an idea of where they want to eat.

Business men and women are on the go when it comes to food, especially at breakfast and lunch. Say there’s someone who just started a job in a new place. If they have a phone and use that phone to Google the local restaurants, your restaurant could be the one they choose to eat at. If they go to a website that looks much like the desktop website would look, they might not even take a second look. The pictures wouldn’t work, the words would be squished together and it might not even be compatible with their phone. So they move on to the next one. Now, this restaurant has a small, but informative site that works perfectly with their phone. They scroll through the options and decide the menu looks good. Now they’re in your restaurant for lunch or breakfast and will most likely stop there again. Tada!

But, I Can’t Make a Website, Much Less a Mobile One!

Not to worry, there are plenty of sites out there that can either give you templates or create completely custom websites for your restaurant. For example, eMobc Lander is a mobile website creator that can give you easy to use and creat mobile websites for your restaurant. They have great prices and will make a website that fits your needs! You don’t have to have any knowledge about creating websites, they’ll do the work for you!

Make sure to theme your website so that it matches the theme of your restaurant. If it looks completely different, the customer might get confused and not realize that it’s the same place. One thing to remember about the creation of a website, mobile or not, is pictures! Pictures are worth a thousand words and luckily they fit much better on the screen. Take pictures of your finest meal or of happy customers (with their consent, of course!) and put them on that website to draw people in. They want to see that it’s a place people enjoy and that they’ll enjoy. Make sure to include hours of operation so that it can be easily spotted and to have a link to contact/store location details. A store locator would be a nice feature to have where someone could put their zip code in and find the nearest restaurant to them.

I’ve Got a Mobile Website, Now What?

Now, just make sure it stays updated and keep special offers going. If you’re not the most tech-savvy, have a younger employee that you trust keep the site updated. As for special offers, give customers a coupon when they visit the mobile website and make sure they know what the specials are for the week. People love deals and offers so make sure that your site not only includes them, but features them as well.

I won’t say that having a mobile website will boost your customer numbers instantly or make yours the most popular restaurant on the block, but it will increase the amount of traffic you get and give you a better chance of attracting customers to your restaurant.file0001730839892

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The most important thing for all bloggers is to find the maximum number of subscribers and followers who read their blog contents on a regular basis. Traditionally, most internet users were using desktops to access websites, blogs and other online sites. However as recent research shows, most users are now relying on their mobile devices to access the internet. As a matter of fact, mobile browsing has overtaken desktop browsing.In the coming couple of years, the desktop will be seen as a nuisance and a waste of time because research depicts mobile browsing will occupy over 90% of use among internet users. Adapting blogs to be compatible with mobile devices is therefore a concern of every blogger who want to continue making a mark in blogging in the coming years. Creating blog mobile-friendly sites must therefore be a top priority in the bloggers’ minds.

There is no doubt about this even as the sales of different mobile devices are expected to rise more in the coming years. Tablets, iPads, iPhones, iPods and Smartphones are being used with iPhones and iPads the most popular probably due to the high internet speed and large screen resolutions. Many users do not even have regular access to desktops and so do not get an opportunity to read your blog posts.

To ensure you maintain your readers and even attract new ones, adapting your blog to be mobile-compatible is the only sure way to go.

Creating a blog mobile site is quite challenging and difficult and if not well executed can make you lose readers to other competitive sites. Individuals have different behaviors when using mobile browsers as compared to desktop and therefore different contents are consumed.

Before creating a mobile version, it is important to know the type of mobile devices your audience is using to access your site, and the contents that interest them.

This will help you to create a mobile version that would convenience most of your audience and most of them can easily access. Google Analytics is an important tool, displaying all the details that would helpful for a successful blog mobile creation. IPhone usage tends to be high when it comes to accessing websites, with that of Smartphones also rise rapidly. Another major consideration when creating mobile sites for blogs is the loading time.

Most users do not have a lot of time to wait as your page loads, so it is important to make the site easily accessed within a short time. Some may get impatient and never come back to your site again.

Although the connection speeds for desktop and mobile is different, find better ways of enhancing the load speed like cutting on the image sizes but without compromising on quality. One way of adapting your blog for mobile access is by synchronizing the website so that it becomes compatible with mobile devices without making any changes.

Mobile users therefore access the site through the usual website URL. However, this is not quite effective since there are some desktop features that cannot be accessed on a mobile device and it would also be difficult to read all the contents as they are long and cannot fit on the mobile screen. This will therefore inconvenience your readers and you may end up losing followers to your competitors.

Creating a separate mobile version is the most effective way of catering for your readers’ interests and needs. From the information on the Google Analytics, you can customize the mobile version so that it covers the contents that interest your audience most. Loading speed and the content value still play a big role in the number of readers.

One should at least use the mobile meter on Google in order to test and see how the website appears in mobile devices. When designing mobile versions, it is expected that one should be automatically redirected to the mobile site when he/she searches the web URL on the Smartphone. There are various blogging tools that can enable one to adapt the blog to a mobile-friendly version like eMobc Lander.

The impacts of creating a successful blog mobile are tremendous. Your blog will receive many readers and followers and this can contribute to increased brand awareness if you are using your site to advertise products and services. Potentially, your sales will rise and hence improved revenue. Mobile versions of blogs are the only way to meet your target audience and eget the contents they need.