Free Mobile Website Builders

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With highly tech-developed world, numerous free mobile website builders are emerging with highly competitive looks and features. Don’t worry, we are going to tackle and talk over a few free mobile website builders. Google Inc. has launched a new website building tools that enables the users to use it for free the Google sites to… Read more »

Mobile Websites in Smart Cities

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Many cities are so called smart cities, have greater internet and mobile access than other cities in the surrounding areas. You can enhance a city with smart access and a mobile website and allow citizens and tourists to have greater access to public or private venues. These are the things that you can find when… Read more »

Mobile Websites for Restaurants

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Let’s face it,  most of the population use their phone for just about everything nowadays, whether it’s Facebooking, Tweeting, or sending e-mails. What they also do is Google restaurants. They go to the website on their phone, get the information they need and decide on where they want to go based on that. Trust me, I… Read more »

Adapt your Blog for Mobile Devices

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The most important thing for all bloggers is to find the maximum number of subscribers and followers who read their blog contents on a regular basis. Traditionally, most internet users were using desktops to access websites, blogs and other online sites. However as recent research shows, most users are now relying on their mobile devices… Read more »

Mobile Website Templates for Hotels

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Sometimes it safely seems like the world would have come to a state of shutdown if there was no internet and networking. Today we are so dependent on the internet that we find the world very less connected without the support of internet. Internet plays a vital role in globalization today.Sometimes it safely seems like… Read more »

Mobile Websites and AdWords

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Since the rise of mobile phone technology, now more than ever more businesses have taken advantage of this increased mobile usage and have become innovative by using mobile websites to advertise and showcase their products. This targets a maximum audience because a lot more people are using mobile phones today. Mobile web usage has increased… Read more »

10 Usability Tips in Mobile Websites.

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    The use of smartphones has increased tremendously in the last couple of years. People are accessing content accessing web content more often on their smartphones and other mobile devices and less frequently on laptops and personal computers. With increasingly prolific use of mobile devices it is essential for web based a businesses and… Read more »

eMobc Lander Tutorial: How to create a Mobile Website

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  With eMobc, everyone can do mobile optimizated sites in a few minutes and with no need of advanced knowledge about programming languages. This builder gives you almost everything you need to doing your mobile web, it just asks for your ingenuity.   Despite using this tool is extremely easy, a little guide to help… Read more »

Tutorial eMobc Lander: Como crear una Web Móvil

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  Con eMobc, todo el mundo puede hacer sitios web optimizados para móviles en sólo unos minutos y sin necesidad de avanzados conocimientos sobre lenguajes de programación. Este builder te da casi todo lo que necesitas para hacer tu web móvil, solo exige tu ingenio. A pesar de que usar esta herramienta es extremadamente fácil,… Read more »